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Premier Club Subscription Plans Launch on RuneScape

While players have always been able to opt into a subscription plan for RuneScape, Jagex has announced a new way to make this membership more appealing: The Premier Club.

Something Tips About Desert Tasks

It's Task time once again - our latest set is based in the sand-blasted splendour of the Kharidian Desert.

Be Ready for the End of the World

As the movies that we see all the time, it is easy to imagine the end of the world. All life will be destroyed. The end of the world is coming now, are you ready for something, do you have something to do at the end of the world.

Some About Runescape Agility Guide

Agility is a members-only skill that allows you to gracefully swing across rope swings, scramble over rock slides, squeeze through pipes and more.

Scabaras was created by Tumeken

Scabaras was created by Tumeken during Tumeken's Dream from an ordinary beetle. He is the desert god associated with isolation and mental tranquility, and so his followers typically isolate themselves underground to meditate in peace.

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