Lost Ark: The complete guide to edge

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The cutting of ability gems in Lost Ark can be confusing at first for those who don't know how it works. Diamonds, for example, are cut before being set into jewelry. And polished to remove impurities or make it more aesthetically pleasing. Players will need to become familiar with Faceting in the Ability Gem Cutter once they reach level 50 in Lost Ark and get their Tier 1 set.


Lost Ark: The complete guide to edge


In Lost Ark, the Cut Act, these canonical ability gems cut out unnecessary parts to enhance the gem's effects. But with each facet, there is a chance that the stone will become worse or even crack, and here also comes a reduced ability score. Lest people misunderstand and underuse this system. Let's look at Cut.



What are Ability Stones in Lost Ark?

Ability Stones are introduced along with Tier 1 Armor at level 50, and they essentially allow players more control over exactly which engravings they want to max out and when. In addition, each transition to the next item-level ability gem usually increases overall survivability significantly.


There are rare, epic, legendary, and even relic ability gems on many different tier markers across all three tiers. The main difference between rarities is how many nodes they have for each of the three lanes. Like the two slots everyone gets for their engravings, think of the Ability Stone as the most significant way to improve a particular engraving or even two.



How do they work Job in Lost Ark?

Simply put, players try to face each node in all three Faceting menu lines, either succeeding or failing. If they follow, that node will be filled, and that node will then be applied to that particular engraving if equipped (AKA Cursed Doll +4 becomes +5 if Ability Stone is equipped with Cursed Doll +1). However, if the Cut attempt fails, it does nothing, and that slot is permanently empty and useless for that ability gem. So, with ten potential node bonuses on the Ability Gem, only two or three of them can be filled depending on the luck of the attempts, and if Gear Honing is any indication, those changes can be ruthless at times.


Also, the third row of each ability gem is a debuff called a reduced ability, such as reduced defense or movement speed, so trying to gem for that row is helpful.


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Chances of success (between 0 and 35 percent) in the red bottom line. Each successful attempt at Faceting reduces the next attempt's chance of success by ten percent (otherwise, a 75 percent chance of success reduces the subsequent success to 65 percent), while each failure increases the subsequent success's chance of success, so that's 39; it's an actual balancing act that can cause particularly unlucky players to have a negative attitude towards the game as a whole. Generally, players tend to spend their highest Faceting success rates on either of the two blue lines they are most interested in, spending their average odds (45 to 55 percent) on the other blue line and the lowest.



Ability Stones & Auction House

Depending on the state of the Market, selling these stones can be incredibly rewarding for getting a big chunk of gold in one go. Since Ability Stones are given out at a reasonably constant rate, players may notice that they have many stones before they know it and can auction them (not the Market). However, it must be said that once a stone has at least one cut attempt, it is no longer tradable and cannot be auctioned.


The apparent game mechanic is to dismantle gems with useless engravings and use that dust in an ability gem cutter to craft new random gems, but this is generally not the best use case. Remember that Ability Stones can be incredibly useful or useless depending on how the Diamond Trials go. People will pay a significant amount of Lost Ark gold (especially pay-to-win players) for the most optimal odds, even at lower item levels. They are a bit more volatile in the rise and fall of their selling price, especially when compared to consumables, but still worth selling.


Luckily, while bots have taken over the lower levels of the auction house, selling high-level 2 and 3 ability stones has little to no connection to bots.



Why are they so important in Lost Ark?

It turned out that Ability Stones are significant in Lost Ark's endgame. First, getting as many engravings as possible is a big part of the tier 3 gear after Punica's questline. This is because players generally want to get a level 3 class engraving and two class-specific combat engravings such as Grudge or Keen Blunt Weapon. Because engravings don't "activate" at their three levels unless they are at 5, 10, or 15 nodes, getting the correct number of engraving nodes can be tricky.


As players get higher and higher in their item level and they get more and more engravings up to +9 node status, it becomes an actual balancing act of using two engraving slots, all accessories (rings, earrings, necklace), and of course, an ability stone to get the best combination of engraving activations possible.



Where to get them in Lost Ark?

Let's move on to some of the most reliable ways to get ability gems for those who can't get what they're looking for. Luckily, Ability Gems can be obtained from quite a few places, so it's pretty easy to stock up on them without knowing it. They can appear as drops in many daily content checklists after level 50, such as:

  • Chaos Dungeons
  • Abyssal Dungeons (quite tricky)
  • Field bosses
  • Guardian raids
  • Daily login rewards (sometimes)


And that's not all. Players can also get them from:

  • Some NPCs exchange them for pirate coins (for example, Peyto and Fermata, something not many people know)
  • Rewards for completing Una's daily and weekly quests.
  • Exchange various Mysterious Powders with the Ability Stone Carver for them


Luckily, there is still much content left from the original Korean version of the game to be released in the West. So over time, there should be even more ways to get them.



What Resources & Are there tools to cut ability gems in Lost Ark?

Finally, let's talk about what resources an average player should use to get the most out of their ability stones. Yes, players can roll the dice and judge the odds themselves to try and get their preferred Faceting rewards. Still, there are plenty of fan-made tools and resources that players can use to get the most statistically beneficial results without doing all the hard work themselves.


There are many, but we will name the ones we have personal experience with:

  • This one is in the Lostark .meta, which allows players to choose which lines for the Calculator should be prioritized and a host of other settings—posted by u/morbid on Lost Ark Reddit.
  • It's on the Tooki. App, made by u/GigaGirth and a host of other tools such as a hone calculator and a daily task tracker.


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