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  • Madden NFL 18 Arrive August And Selling Good In The US [09/19/2017]
    Nintendo Switch in the USA was the best-selling console according to revealed data from NPD that revealed the best-selling consoles and games while Madden NFL 18 is the best selling game.
  • Special And Truly FFXIV Journey: An Adventure You Won't Want To Miss [09/18/2017]
    In Final Fantasy XIV, even if the second expansion Stormblood doesn't strike away from Heavensward or other modern MMOs in terms of quest design and content, almost everything it does is exceptional. The Stormblood adds a samurai class and increased level cap to the game this summer. The Stormblood's story is very well designed and very engaging, new zones and music and jobs are all amazing.
  • Madden NFL 18 Tips On Farming MUT Coins [09/11/2017]
    Madden NFL 18 has decided to use the same test elements as Instead of trying to make major changes to the gameplay. The Longshot story mode is also partly a part that may not be satisfying all gamers.
  • The Main Change In Madden 18 Is The Graphics Engine [09/04/2017]
    The season of football is about to begin and with it is the arrival of the new version of Madden NFL. As expected, the simulator of this sport comes updated, with improvements compared to the editions of years gone by and a game system that remains solid.
  • NHL 18 Player Ratings: Goaltender, Forwards And Defensemen [08/30/2017]
    Presumably, Carey Price could be the most valuable player to any team. As it turned out, Carey Price (92) is one of only two goaltenders to crack a 90 rating in this year's edition of the game, alongside Washington's Braden Holtby (90). In a word, he is an excellent puck moving goaltender, boasting a (86) passing rating. We remind you that NHL 18 Coins is quite important in the overall gaming process.
  • Elder Scrolls Online Is The Best Choice For Players Who Want Modern MMO [08/28/2017]
    Starting to play a Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) is not such an easy decision, as there are dozens of different options currently and no matter what you choose, the game will take many hours of your day.
  • The Realism Of The NHL 18 Is Getting Bigger And Bigger [08/26/2017]
    Ice hockey is very popular all over the world, the most popular in Canada, where it is a national sport. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a star of the best hockey league in the world? Now it's possible because September 15th was the premiere of the great game NHL 18. This game's release date has been confirmed, some modes and features details has also been unveiled at official website, visit here.
  • A NBA 2K18 Trailer Present New MyTEAM Features [08/24/2017]
    2K Sports and Visual Concepts present us a trailer and numerous details about the new features of the MyTEAM mode in the upcoming basketball simulation "NBA 2K18".
  • Plenty Of Fine-tuned Adjustments Coming In FFXIV Stormblood [08/23/2017]
    Final Fantasy XIV's expansion Stormblood introducing a wealth of new content, at the same time, this expansion also implementing changes to better streamline its mechanics, overall, based on its predecessor Heavensward. In Final Fantasy XIV, there seem to be plenty of fine-tuned adjustments coming in Stormblood. We will have the full details on FFXIV, welcome to click here.
  • Madden NFL 18 Will Have 4K And HDR Support On Xbox One X With A Patch [08/19/2017]
    The classic Electronic Arts saga, Madden NFL 18, is about to hit Xbox stores, and Rex Dickson in an interview with USGamer assures that 4K and HDR support will come later with an update.
  • Elder Scrolls Online - This Is In The DLC Horns Of The Reach And Update 15 [08/19/2017]
    Bethesda released the first DLC player expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online since the publication of the chapter ESO: Morrowind in June. The DLC player expansion Horns of the Reach introduces two new dungeons - Falkreath Hold and the Bloodroot Forge - and has a lot of new items in the luggage.
  • First Trailer Of NBA 2K18 Gameplay: Get Shook [08/19/2017]
    The date is approaching. NBA 2K18 already heats engines at full capacity and 2K has presented today the first gameplay trailer of this year's edition of the NBA basketball game that brings even the league players themselves.
  • MU Legend & Siege System: You Can Get Territory And Bonuses [08/17/2017]
    Today, according to perception, let's take a look at MU Legend's siege system information, more news will be updated on the coming days, stay tuned to U4GM and source from here. For a long time, Webzen introduced the siege system into the Korean version of the MMORPG MU Legend. For more information on MU Legend, interested players are invited to check out more.
  • Update 15 Brings Improvements To The Basic Game At The End Of August [08/11/2017]
    For The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, an update will be released at the end of August, which will improve the basic game.
  • The Best FFXIV Gil Provider: Fast Delivery And Cheap Price At 4Gil [03/09/2017]
    Apparently, Final Fantasy XIV is a sought-after game, Final Fantasy XIV continue to be one of the top MMORPG's, gamers are anxious to jump into immerse yourself in the games rich and beautiful world, hence, do you intend to buy FFXIV Gil?
  • ESO Guide: Efficient Way To Quickly Level Blacksmithing [03/07/2017]
    As one of several professions in The Elder Scrolls Online, Blacksmithing allows players to create heavy armor and different weapon using steel and other materials.
  • DOFUS Touch Farmer Review: The Advantages And Disadvantages [01/05/2017]
    Farmer, one of the hardest professions to level up, but have the highest return on their investment later. The work of a farmer is spending half his time in harvesting cereals in the fields and the other half grinding them to make flour for the baker offering the highest price.
  • Albion Online: The Faye Update Fluctuation [01/05/2017]
    Nowly, Albion Online the most large patch is live, what's more, and it's now in the wild. Assumption that you were playing the beta of the game, anyway, you would have enough time to familiarize yourself with its changes.
  • Albion Online: How to Reworking the Shape of the World [01/05/2017]
    According to known fact, for Albion Online will remain in beta into 2017, nevertheless, you mightly want to know reasons, and why that's the case. We can get answers from the latest development video, thanks to game director Robin Henkys, he majorly discusses one of the important areas.
  • MapleStory Ways to Help You Get Mesos [12/29/2016]
    Mesos as the in-game currency is very important to be used in transactions between players and either NPCs or other players. Mesos are obtainable in a variety of ways.
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