NBA 2K18 Will Return To Nintendo Platforms With Switch Version

igegolds Date: Sep/27/17 16:16:16 Views: 168

NBA 2K18 will return to Nintendo platforms with the fully-featured Switch version. More amusingly, NBA 2K18 has added some features that loyal members of the community have wanted for years. NBA 2K18 is debuting their Pack and Playoffs mode. And its the graphics look better, and NBA 2K18 is still a good game.



The only real features the game is missing right now are the custom logo option for MyLeague and MyTeam, and the face-scanning feature used in MyCareer. It's no secret to sports-gamers that NBA 2K tends to be slower to add features than some of its competitors like Madden and FIFA. To be honest, NBA 2K18 sets the bar high for modern sports games with its excellent game-play and game modes that have a wealth of depth to back it up. 


The game-play is also the best its been in years, with the dribbling system and your ability to chain moves together feeling especially fluid. Despite its obsession with micro-transactions, that feels like is present in all games now of days. 2K games have been adding in more and more microtransactions in the form of Virtual Currency, Virtual Currency such as NBA 2K18 MT is necessary in the game. 


NBA 2K18 returns with all the staple modes such as MyCareer, MyTeam and MyGM with solid improvements to boast, though no real new modes at all. Part of the appeal to this year's game is The Neighborhood, an open area in which you can visit stores to pick up clothes, play some pick-up games with other players on the courts, practice at your team's training facility and a variety of other things. Stay tuned for more information on NBA 2K18 updates as it becomes available, view more at here