POE: War For The Atlas Is Available To Download On Xbox One And PC

igegolds Date: Dec/23/17 16:58:46 Views: 162

Path of Exile is free-to-play, and that includes all expansions, Path of Exile is growing. The game also adds new content more frequently than Diablo III. War for the Atlas is available now on PC and Xbox One, this is new update for this game. This update features many some of remarkable features. The Atlas is the endgame for Path of Exile. When you finish the story, around level 70, you gain access to "maps", which are new zones to run. More information about this game's expansion, click for source



The constant release of updates and expansions has kept players engaged, and Path of Exile has proved a popular alternative to Diablo III for those looking for something more similar to the classic Diablo II. In Path of Exile's 3.1 update, Elder and Shaper "influence" was added. When you run an influenced map, you can find new "Shaper items," and fight stronger versions of the bosses. When you start exploring the Atlas ("mapping"), you'll quickly see the Shaper influence begin to appear on your maps. 


Path of Exile: War for the Atlas is now available to download on Xbox One and PC. In this expansion a mysterious entity known as The Elder haunts the Atlas, spreading decay and battling The Shaper for control. War for the Atlas adds 32 randomised maps to Path of Exile's ever-evolving end-game. Players will have to find their way to the center of the Atlas through new paths and discover new challenges along the way. 


The free-to-play Path of Exile appears to have Diablo blood coursing through its obsession-forming veins. Path of Exile makes you live with your decisions, leaving it up to you whether you want to obsessively plan every last point of your build, or just go with the skill tree flow and see where it takes you. Like Diablo II before it, PoE randomizes the game map every time you boot it up, ensuring that you wont mindlessly breeze your way through to a boss fight. Where to buy cheap U4gm PoE currency