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Lost Ark: The complete guide to unlocking the second awakening skill

You may have unlocked your first class-related awakening skill during your adventure in Artesia. You may not know it, but you can unlock a second one. Here we explain how to unlock the second awakening skill on Lost Ark.

The brand-new NBA 2K time of year has initiated in-game.

Today, 2K supplied its very first take a look at the upcoming Period 7 of NBA 2K22. The video gam

Lost Ark: The complete guide to edge

In Lost Ark, Players will need to become familiar with Faceting in the Ability Gem Cutter once they reach level 50 in Lost Ark and get their Tier 1 set. The cutting of ability gems in Lost Ark can be confusing at first for those who don't know how it works.

NBA 2K22 on Xbox opens specials means and also publishes benefit in-game

The Xbox Spring 2022 sale possesses kicked off, and even the Microsoft Outlet is presently showcasing a few of the very popular packages this year

Recognized users in the updated 2K introduction to take part in campus esports.

To advance teens esports even more broadly, 2K currently publicized a affiliation with PlayVS, The United States and Canada's leading high school esports program, to bring the NBA 2K22 esports organization to its unive

Lost Ark: The complete guide to engraving system

The Lost Ark Engravings system is essential for setting up your character and upgrading it, as the engravings you use can change your play style. Discover in this guide how to use the engravings, get nodes, and everything you need to know to make the most of the Lost Ark engraving system.


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