Plenty Of Fine-tuned Adjustments Coming In FFXIV Stormblood

igegolds Date: Aug/23/17 17:32:50 Views: 678

Final Fantasy XIV's expansion Stormblood introducing a wealth of new content, at the same time, this expansion also implementing changes to better streamline its mechanics, overall, based on its predecessor Heavensward. In Final Fantasy XIV, there seem to be plenty of fine-tuned adjustments coming in Stormblood. We will have the full details on FFXIV, welcome to click here



Stormblood's major additions include new dungeons, new raids, swimming and diving, new zones, and two new jobs: Red Mage and Samurai. But the expansion is also changing the game's established mechanics in more drastic ways. Producer Naoki Yoshida discussed about the expansion's new jobs, its various mechanical changes, and what players can expect.


Naoki Yoshida said: Stormblood could be seen as the third season of the Final Fantasy XIV saga. It's a brand-new adventure that the warriors of light will be experiencing. And we've created the story so that even if you haven't played through all of Heavensward, you should still be able to enjoy the content offered in Stormblood.


Of course, the developers would love to have as many people continue to play the game a long time. Hopefully, more new players participate in community so that their community to keep growing, they guarantee that their continue expanding. By the way, buying Final Fantasy XV Gil is an important part in playing Final Fantasy XV.